TelTel Business VoIP and
Cloud Phone Systems

TelTel Cloud Phone Systems and Business VoIP

Get your team working from anywhere with our Australian based Cloud PBX VoIP solutions.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated with Australian based customer support.

Jade Christian
Teltel and Joanne are both equal parts amazing! I have been set up for a trial with Teltel by Joanne and she has been so amazing with helping us. We run a VA Business so phone lines are just about the most important thing to us, given our line of work. This company have invested so many hours into helping us and our odd requests. Joanne has been so patient and full of fun loving personality while we work out all of the kinks in customising the system. (and not just the system but when operator (Me) error has served me wrong, she has been so good about it!) I looked elsewhere but I am so glad I did not settle for less. All I have had to do is tell Joanne what I want and she has done all of the hard work, at no additional costs at all. PS. to whoever is in charge, Joanne is nothing short of an A1 asset. Keep her for as long as you can ❤
Iain Mackie Thomson
Really can't recommend TelTel any higher for voip services. Fast knowledgeable customer/technical service, nothing is too much trouble. Very well priced. Reliable service, never dropped out or let me down. Go with these guys.
Raphael lovett
They are beyond helpful, which is exactly what you want in a provider.
Shaun Clarke
Have been using these guys for a few months now and have nothing but good things to say. We have more functionality than our old provider at a fraction of the cost. The unlimited extensions plan with their CloudPBX offering is so cost effective for small businesses. Started with one client and have now moved two more clients over. Stuart is great and has solved every question and issue we've come across. Highly recommended.
John Colville
I engaged TelTel to set up SIP replacements for two soon to be discontinued Telstra ISDN OnRamp services. Chris and others we're spectacularly helpful not to mention patient with my many questions! The TelTel web portal is also very easy to follow and migrating my services from a no-cost single channel test account to a fully functional paid-for multi-channel service was a piece of cake 🙂 Based on this experience, I have no hesitation in recommending TelTel to others needing a quick and effective solution to the imminent phasing out of ISDN.
Michael Blokland
Stuart is amazing, very helpful and friendly. for any VoIP needs. use TelTel
OCM Family Dental
Called to change over phone system due to old system not working for us. The staff were very helpful, understanding informative and quick to move us over to the the new system. I can not recommend TELTEL enough.
Tim Leghorn
At last, a telco that fulfils its raison d'être and is actually interested in providing a thoughtful, competent and easy to use service. Top marks!
Jacqui Hibberd
Could not recommend TelTel more highly. Stuart and the team have helped me setup VoIP for my psychology private practice and they made it the most seamless and simple process. They are incredibly friendly, helpful and efficient. I had enquired into several other services prior to finding TelTel, and I cannot even compare the difference between the customer service - I am so grateful to have found TelTel!
Cloud PBX
Get all the phone system features larger businesses have at small business prices.

  • Cloud PBX's give you the ability to work from anywhere.

    Get numbers all over Australia, add hold music, menu's and call transfer. Our Cloud PBX is industry standard and fully featured.

  • Unlimited Extensions & Users
  • Free IPhone and Android Apps
  • Industry standard
  • Interactive Voice Menus
  • Queues and Call Parking
  • Get Australian phone numbers
  • Call Recording and Agent Barge
  • 1800 and 1300 Numbers available
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Wall Boards and More!
per month $20
Business SIP Trunks
Got an on-site PBX system?
A SIP trunk will connect you to the outside world.

  • If you run your own in-house PBX system and need a Business grade SIP trunk, we have you covered.

    We can connect almost all SIP based PBX's directly to our network.

  • Multiple Channel SIP Trunks
  • 3CX PBX Trunks
  • Asterisk Support
  • FreePBX Support
  • ViciDial Support
  • Add Australian phone numbers
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • 1300 and 1800 numbers available
per month $20
Home VoIP
Recently connected to the NBN and need a new home phone? We can get you connected.

  • Keep your number or get a new one, it's up to you!

    Use your existing phone handset. Cordless or corded.

  • Use on any NBN connection
  • Use on any NBN connection
  • Use your regular handset
  • Keep your existing number
  • Pay per call or include everything
  • Use your mobile as a home phone
  • Friendly customer support
per month $20

Our Cloud PBX's allow you to work from anywhere.

With our Cloud PBX you and your staff can work from home, the office or even abroad. Make use of call queues, voice menus, hot desking, call recording  or even one of those fancy call wall boards. Our PBX has pretty much anything you could ask for…

Reliable communications using the Amazon Cloud

Our network utilizes Amazon computing infrastructure for all of our Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX and SIP trunk services, giving your organization the best connectivity, scalability and uptime available.

Got your own PBX server?

That’s ok. We support all of the usual PBX software, including Asterisk, FreePBX, PBXWare, Cisco, 3CX and just about any others you can think of. You can connect any SIP based PBX to our network.

Powerful Web Interface

Would you rather just get the job done? So would we, use our powerful web interface to keep track of your calls, modify your settings, change your caller ID, add and remove phone numbers and so much more with just the click of a button.

Managed or Unmanaged? Its up to you!

Are you an experienced professional PBX installer? Thats ok, you can login to your own cloud PBX GUI and configure it however you like.

Just want a PBX but don’t want all the configuration hassle? We’re more than happy to setup your Cloud PBX for you. Simply tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest!

Uptime, Uptime, Uptime...

We know that changing to a cloud PBX can be a bit worrying, and we know that you’re probably thinking “What if it goes down?“.

The good news is, we think about it all the time too. Which means, we’ve built our network to be as tough as possible. It’s designed so that in the case of failure it automatically fixes itself, and for good measure lets the right person at TelTel know something went wrong.

Now, we’re not saying we’re perfect, however we can guarantee you that we are on top of it.

SIP Trunks from here to everywhere...

Getting a reliable SIP Trunk for your on-premises PBX or Server can sometime feel a little daunting…

To make it easier, we already have agreements with the major telco’s in multiple counties, and where we don’t have an agreement, we make sure our upstream does.

 We’ll get your calls from Australia to the rest of the world from any PBX.

We're also super scalable

Our network is also designed around some serious cluster and load balancer software, so if you need to send through a lot of traffic, we’re good to go.