Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud PBX

Yes, cloud and hosted PBX's are basically the same. They are PBX systems that are hosted inside a data center and do not reside anywhere in your business premesis.

No, Cloud PBX's do not require you to have any PBX hardware at all.

Everything to do with your PBX is hosted in TelTel's private cloud and is kept safe in a secure data center location.

Your business phones connect to the Cloud PBX directly and allow you to make and receive calls.

No, because your PBX is hosted inside our private cloud, all you need is enough bandwidth on your internet connection to support a call.

Generally a call is about the same bandwidth as playing a song on Spotify or about 1/4 of the bandwidth of a youtube video.

Almost any internet connection in Australia should be able to support access to your Cloud PBX.

Yes, these are called "IVR's" or Interactive Voice Response menus.

All of our Cloud PBX plans are able to do these.

You can have it setup to answer the phone, play a message and ask the caller to press a number.

You can then also send the caller into a queue to wait to be answered or somewhere else depending on your businesses needs.

Yes, the TelTel Cloud PBX does have a receptionist dashboard available.

From the dashboard you can view busy and available extensions as well as make and transfer calls.

If you have call queues enabled you can also view the current number calls per queue.

With our queue statistics you can view agent call times, busy times, away times and queue engagement through our simple to use web interface.

Frequently Asked Questions about Number Porting

The amount of time number porting takes is based on the kind of number you port.

For example, if you are porting a single residential or small business number which is attached to no other services it will generally take one to two weeks to move across.

If your port was considered "Complex" and has many numbers connected to many accounts then the process can take a lot longer. Generally a Category C (Complex) port takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

Porting Mobile numbers takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

Due to the complexity of the porting process we are unable to guarantee that all porting times will be in line with the above estimates, however we will keep in contact with you and let you know as the process moves forward.

Yes, your number will remain active until the time it is scheduled to port to your new account.


In the meantime we will add the number to your account on our end. This will mean that in most cases when the number ports across to us it will be instantly active on the system and ring your new PBX or VoIP phones.

Yes, almost all accounts are provided with an existing phone number. You can use that number to set-up your inbound calls and test how everything is going to work.

Once you're happy with everything we can then add your original number to the system and start the number porting process.

Only a few minutes. Your number will only go completely offline whilst the porting process is in progress between both carriers.

Once a number is removed from a line you will usually find that all services on that line stop working.

If you have a broadband service connected to that line, your broadband will stop working after the number is ported across.

It's very important that you move these kinds of services off the line before you port your number.

Additionally, in some cases you may find your original carrier cancels your account. However in others you may find they keep charging you. We always recommend contacting your previous carrier after the port to let them know you have moved services and to cancel any services that they may still charge you for.

Yes you can. TelTel is a full service provider and allows you to move your number away from us to any other provider just like any other major telco.

No, TelTel has no port-out charges. We will not charge you for moving your number away and will never actively block another carrier from receiving your number.

Some providers may charge you for porting your number away from them. We highly recommend contacting your old provider so you are aware of any costs that may be imposed by them once your number is removed / ported away from their service.

We will try our best to port your number from the carrier that you are currently with. However in some rare circumstances porting a number across may simply not be possible.

SIP Trunks

Yes! We love Asterisk and FreePBX and have a long history with it.

We're more than happy to connect your FreePBX / Asterisk servers to our network and fully support that connectivity.

Our support staff are trained to assist with most Asterisk based PBX systems and can get you up and running quickly.

Yes we do. We can offer call centers from all around the world direct connectivity into the PSTN network. Our network is setup for high volume calls per second without routing through secondary carriers.

We can also offer CallerID solutions for call centers that fit strict government requirements.

We do support CallerID overstamping on our trunks. It's important to note that due to Australian government rules we will only allow you to overstamp your calls with a DID you own through TelTel.

In some cases where CallerID can be verified via a different means, we may at our discression allow you to overstamp with another number.

Incoming Numbers (DIDs / DDIs)

Yes, we can provide regular normal incoming phone numbers in just about any location in Australia and New Zealand. We can also link 1300 and 1800 numbers directly to your SIP trunk or Cloud PBX so there is no redirection or call forwarding when a customer calls you.

We are fully compliant with number portability. What this means is that you can bring your number with you to TelTel and we can set it up so that the phone number you've had for years will work seemlessly with your Cloud PBX or SIP trunk.

If you decide that TelTel isn't for you, you can also take your number to another provider. This can be the number you ported across to us, or a new number we may have provided to you.

Depending on the type of number port, it can take anywhere from 1 week through to 2 months.

Porting is great but since there are so many providers and types of numbers, we recommend that you check the FAQ in our number porting pages "keeping your number" for more information.

We take providing international numbers seriously and only provide numbers from Tier 1 or 2 carriers with direct connections to TelTel. With this in mind we currently provide New Zealand international numbers, however we're growing all the time and are expecting to add a large contingent of UK, European and Asian numbers in the near future.



The TelTel core network was built from the ground up using a JSON based API.

We're currently putting the finishing touches on its public face and will be releasing it for public use shortly.

All accounts get access to our fully responsive client portal which allows you to order incoming numbers, view outbound and inbound call records, change sip trunk / endpoint settings, manage address locations and so much more.

We're big on letting you control your account from the ground up. If you can't find it in our control panel, let us know and we can often add it to our future roadmap.

The TelTel network has in-built call security, including international call and destination limiting as well as toll fraud blocking for common toll fraud participant destinations.

We also employ call credit limits for international calling, as well as per day call limiting.

In our oppinion it's in everyones best interest to tackle toll fraud.

All of the above features are employed on everyones account and will shortly be available directly through your client portal.