Need a Local Number?

Get a phone number anywhere...

TelTel can source Local Number's from most suburbs in Australia and New Zealand.

Need a 1300 or 1800 number? We can do that too!

VoIP and Incoming Phone Numbers

TelTel is able to provide incoming numbers anywhere in Australia and we keep stock of numbers in Australia’s most popular locations and regions.

All of our Phone numbers can be ordered and automatically added to your account through our client portal. In most cases these will be issued immediately and will be available for inbound calls instantly.

We support Regional and Rural Areas As Well!

We don’t only support our major capital cities. We can get numbers in regional and rural area’s of the country as well.

Although we may not have your regional or rural area immediately available, we can usually have a number from your region ready and added to your account within 24hrs.

Connect any phone number to your Cloud PBX or SIP Trunk

We can connect all types of phone numbers to any TelTel Cloud PBX or Business SIP trunk.

Regular Phone Numbers
 from $2 /MONTH
  • A lot of our plans include at least one regular phone number, some include a whole bunch.
  • If you are after more numbers for your Cloud PBX or SIP Trunk with us, you can login to your portal and order them directly, or call or email us.
Mobile Phone Numbers
 from $14.50 /MONTH
  • We can provide Australian
    Mobile phone numbers that connect directly to your Cloud PBX or SIP Trunk.
  • These work exactly the same as any other number and can go into queues, ring groups or
    directly to a desk handset.
1300 and 1800 Numbers
 from $14.95 /MONTH
  • Need a 1300 or 1800 phone number for your business? No problem.
  • We can provide you one and usually have it up and running for you within the same day.

Need to keep your own phone number? No problem.

We understand that keeping a phone number your customers know is really important and we can do just that. We’re able to port your old number directly to your new Cloud PBX or SIP Trunk and keep you running the way you normally do usually with little to no interruption.

The process is called “Number Porting” and takes a few days to complete. In the meantime you won’t be left without a phone, your old provider will keep on working until its moved across to us.

Number Pricing made simple

We try to keep things simple, so here's the pricing for all the numbers we provide. These can be ordered in your client area.

Type of number Quantity Setup Fee Monthly Cost
Australian Local Phone Number (DID)
Per number
1300 Number
Per number
$14.95 + 7 Cents per minute
1800 Number
Per number
$19.95 + 9 Cents per minute
Virtual Mobile Number
Per number
New Zealand Number
Per number
100 Number Range
100 Numbers