Keeping your number

Local Number Portability (Porting)

After you have signed up with an active TelTel account, You can simply port your number across via the online form in TelTel client portal. 

Keeping your existing phone number

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes! At TelTel we are able to take your phone number from your existing provider and move it directly to our network. The process is called “number porting”. We are able to port phone numbers from almost anywhere and any provider in Australia, including 1300 and 1800 numbers.

How long does it take?

For most standard numbers it takes about 2 weeks, however in some circumstances it can take longer such as porting a 100 number range or a special service number.


Can I still use my number in the meantime?

Yes, absolutely! Your phone number will only be disconnected for a short time of usually 5 minutes whilst the number cut’s across from your old provider to TelTel.

We do recommend allowing a downtime of about an hour however, just in case it takes a little longer.

Do I need to do anything technical?

No, we will setup the number for you on your Cloud PBX or SIP Trunk so that the moment it hits our network calls will continue to flow through as per normal.

We’ll also keep you informed each step of the way, with confirmations and the scheduled time and date of your number cutting over.

Sit back, relax and let us do the work.


Number Porting Pricing

We like to be up-front with our pricing, so here's a table that should explain everything. If you have any questions though don't hesitate to contact us!

Type of port Quantity Porting Fee Monthly Cost
Single Australian Number
Per number
1300 Number
Per number
$14.95 + 7 Cents per minute
1800 Number
Per number
$19.95 + 9 Cents per minute
Virtual Mobile Number
Per number
Complex Port (Cat-C) 1
1-5 Number Range
$2 per number
Complex Port (Cat-C) 2
6-50 Number Range
Lesser of $2 per number or $66
Complex Port (Cat-C) 3
51-100 Number Range
$66 per month
Single New Zealand Number
Per number

Frequently Asked Questions about Porting

The amount of time number porting takes is based on the kind of number you port.

For example, if you are porting a single residential or small business number which is attached to no other services it will generally take one to two weeks to move across.

If your port was considered "Complex" and has many numbers connected to many accounts then the process can take a lot longer. Generally a Category C (Complex) port takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

Porting Mobile numbers takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

Due to the complexity of the porting process we are unable to guarantee that all porting times will be in line with the above estimates, however we will keep in contact with you and let you know as the process moves forward.

Yes, your number will remain active until the time it is scheduled to port to your new account.


In the meantime we will add the number to your account on our end. This will mean that in most cases when the number ports across to us it will be instantly active on the system and ring your new PBX or VoIP phones.

Yes, almost all accounts are provided with an existing phone number. You can use that number to set-up your inbound calls and test how everything is going to work.

Once you're happy with everything we can then add your original number to the system and start the number porting process.

Only a few minutes. Your number will only go completely offline whilst the porting process is in progress between both carriers.

Once a number is removed from a line you will usually find that all services on that line stop working.

If you have a broadband service connected to that line, your broadband will stop working after the number is ported across.

It's very important that you move these kinds of services off the line before you port your number.

Additionally, in some cases you may find your original carrier cancels your account. However in others you may find they keep charging you. We always recommend contacting your previous carrier after the port to let them know you have moved services and to cancel any services that they may still charge you for.

Yes you can. TelTel is a full service provider and allows you to move your number away from us to any other provider just like any other major telco.


No, TelTel has no port-out charges. We will not charge you for moving your number away and will never actively block another carrier from receiving your number.

Some providers may charge you for porting your number away from them. We highly recommend contacting your old provider so you are aware of any costs that may be imposed by them once your number is removed / ported away from their service.

We will try our best to port your number from the carrier that you are currently with. However in some rare circumstances porting a number across may simply not be possible.