Our Network

Our network has been built from the ground up to make sure your always up and running without interruption.

our network

A world class
voice network

TelTel is one of Australia’s few true network operators. Unlike most cloud PBX providers who resell services backed by other companies TelTel maintains and runs our own infrastructure and software. We are also directly connected to carriers across the world and growing every day.

Why is this important? Simple, it means we can offer you a service that we have control over. We can support it from end-to-end and give you quick and correct answers to any questions you have.

True Cloud Connectivity

Our network utilizes Amazon computing infrastructure for all of our Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX and SIP trunk services, giving your organization the best connectivity, scalability and uptime available

Network Monitoring

We’re serious about keeping an eye on things. We have the latest monitoring platforms for every part of our network. With automated systems and real humans watching all the time, we’re onto it if something happens.

Uptime, Uptime, Uptime...

We’ve built a network with uptime in mind. All of our equipment is designed based on cloud technology, giving us the ability to add and remove network components for updating and maintenance without ever needing to shut your calls down.

Sure, there may be something we’ve missed, but if so we’ll let you know and do that kind of maintenance out of business hours.

We know communication drives your business and uptime is important.