Starlink Compatible Phone

All of TelTel’s phone plans allow you to use your home phone, business phone or even Cloud phone system through your Starlink based internet connection.

Simply use our any VoIP phone, phone adaptor or even your mobile phone connected via cable or WIFI to your modem and make and receive phone calls, it’s that easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Startlink

The standard Starlink modem comes with a single port that you can connect either a computer or a phone adaptor too.


If you aren't using the network port on the back of your modem for your computer, you can use it to plug in our phone adaptor or VoIP handset.


If you are currently using the port you will need to purchase a small network switch so you can plug multiple devices into your modem.

You can use an App on your mobile phone that will allow you to make and receive calls using your Starlink connection.


It's important to note that you will need to be in WIFI range of your modem/router for your phone to make and receive calls. E.g. within your home. The app will not work unless you have 3G / 4G /5G or WIFI connected.

A good Starlink connection provides exceptionally high speeds in most areas. The speeds you receive in most cases are more than enough to get high definition audio phone calls.


Basically, you should expect the same quality of calls as you get from a regular phone.

You will need to use your Starlink app to check your connection. If your connection is stable and you don't receive drop outs while using your internet then your phone will not drop out either.


Your phone will be relying on your internet connection. As long as your internet connection is good your phone will be as well.

Yes, you can use our phone service along with Starlink for your business or Cloud PBX system.


As long as you have a solid and reliable Starlink connection you should be able to make and receive business quality phone calls.