Need a Virtual Mobile Number?

TelTel can source Virtual Mobile Numbers

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers aren’t just for mobile phones anymore. Get a Virtual Mobile Number and add it to your Cloud PBX or SIP trunk.


Why use a Virtual Mobile Number?

  • Directly connect a real mobile number to your mobile software phone.
  • Call forward (divert) a Virtual Mobile Number directly to your sales staff’s real mobiles. If sales staff leave, you keep the number.
  • Virtual Mobile numbers allow you to keep a personal feeling, whilst giving you the flexibility of using a PBX to shut the phone down after business hours or provide personalized unavailable recordings or call forwards.

Send and Receive SMS / Texts

  • Send and Receive SMS’s from your Virtual Mobile Number from anywhere in the world.
  • Receive SMS messages from your bank / telco directly to your account when overseas.
  • Get delivery confirmation on messages.

Number Pricing made simple

We try to keep things simple, so here's the pricing for all the numbers we provide. These can be ordered in your client area.

Type of number Quantity Setup Fee Monthly Cost
Virtual Mobile Number
Per number

SMS Pricing

Type of number Quantity Qty Per Message
SMS Message Sending
Per message
10 Cents
SMS Message Receiving
Per message

Connect any phone number to your Cloud PBX or SIP Trunk

Virtual Mobile numbers are available with all of our SIP Trunk, Home and Cloud/Hosted PBX Packages. Get started today by getting your package and adding your very own virtual mobile number to it.