TelTel High quality large-scale SIP Trunks for Business and Call centers

Australian Call Termination and Origination at scale.

Why TelTel?

Having been in the VoIP industry for over 20 years, we’ve seen what it takes to maintain a solid network that can handle the day in and day out loads of wholesale SIP traffic.

TelTel’s network was designed from the ground up to make sure your calls completed successfully every time. Every route we have is directly connected to Australia’s largest carriers, giving us superior quality and the ability to deep dive into any issues you may have.

We’re not a reseller. We’re your direct connection to the PSTN and Mobile networks.

Call Termination

If your looking to terminate traffic into Australia we’ve got you covered. We can provide a direct SIP trunk to our network with either IP authentication or Username and password, and can usually have it setup within 24hrs or less.

We also know that people generally don’t answer their phones unless you have a caller ID. Private or Anonymous calls are so 1997. All of our outbound calls can have pure Australian Caller ID numbers, increasing your answer rate and strengthening your brand.

Call Origination

Looking for incoming numbers? Need a bunch to add to your network or software? We can get numbers from every exchange in Australia and connect them directly to your SIP trunk. We can also send them to your equipment’s IP address if required.

We can provide Australian landline, Mobile (cellular) and special service (1300 and toll free) numbers for you at the click of a button. Most numbers we have in stock, and if we don’t we can usually get them the same day.

Full Featured API and Webhooks

TelTel’s carrier grade SIP termination platform is built on top of our custom made highly scalable JSON API. Anything we can do through our portals you can do through a direct API connection with to our servers.

Provision new SIP endpoints, Change CallerID’s, Update emergency services information, add and remove incoming numbers, get live statistics and so much more!

If we can do it, so can you!

Auto Dialers

A lot of providers run from auto dialers and we can understand why. Auto dialers generate a lot of traffic that may or may not be answered and can really cause issues for provider networks.

The good news, is we’re not scared. Our network was designed to support dialers and load balances your calls from point A to point Z automatically. We say bring on your ViciDial, NCH Dialer, Go Auto Dialer or any blend of Asterisk or Freeswitch you want.



To receive a rate sheet for our wholesale products please contact us. All wholesale rates are calculated based on the volume and channel capacity requirements of each customer.


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